Activated Carrier (For Portable)


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1 set of Activated Carrier can producearound 2250ml (15ml x 150 times) or 22.5 bottles of 100ml sanitiser spray.

Eleclean Activated Carrier is the only consumable item for Eleclean Portable Disinfectant Device.

The electrochemical reaction catalyst which makes sure that water is 100% transformed into disinfectant.

Each set of Eleclean Activated Carrier can be used up to 150 times, which produces around 2250ml (15ml x 150 times) of water-based disinfectant. Once it reaches 150 reaction times, the device will remind you to replace the Activated Carrier to ensure the quality of disinfectant produced.

  • Patented high polymer core
  • Electrochemical reaction catalyst
  • Does not dissolve in water
  • Shelf life – 2 years

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General FAQ For Activated Carrier

The Activated Carrier ensures that different types of water can be transformed into effective disinfectant with an optimal concentration and stability of hydrogen peroxide during every electrochemical process.

Yes, it is the only consumable item for the Eleclean Portable Disinfectant Device. Each can be used for up to 150 times until it needs to be replaced. The maintenance light will be ‘ON’ when replacement is required.

it’s a high molecular polymer that acts as the catalyst for electrochemical reactions only, not to be categorized as chemical addictive. It is insoluble in water and does not participate in the reaction, instead, it absorbs or adjusts the impurities/mineral of water during the process.

Without using or changing Activated Carrier, the device can still generate (reactive oxygen species) disinfectant but may not reach the best optimal state of effectiveness as promised. Additionally, the device’s total lifespan may be reduced as its ability to process and transform different types of water is being affected.

Adding Or Replacing Activated Carriers

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Activated Carrier (For Portable)


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