Say hello to Eleclean

A better, safer and greener hand sanitiser

Make-your-own disinfectant device using just water

It starts with water

The world’s first portable sanitiser device that
produces disinfectant solution using 100% water.

eleclean hand sanitiser

Most disinfecting solutions aren't friendly to our skins and body, some even cause dryness, irritation or have a strong, rather unpleasant smell.

An innovative technology that brings true peace of mind


Chemical-free and ultra-gentle to our skins and body.

More Effective

Breaks down the protein structures of viruses & germs.


Use repeatedly without producing more wastes.


No smell, completely odourless, tasteless, and non-irritable.


No more to dryness, rashes or allergic reactions forever.

Peace Of Mind

Make your own, you know what you are spraying.

Water + Electricity makes the most natural hand sanitiser

It's Water-Based

Eleclean is 100% water-based sanitising solution for hands and surfaces.

Electro-Oxidation Technology

Backed by more than 34 patents, elements of water are rearranged to form an effective, safe and eco-friendly disinfectant.

It Does Not Contain Chemicals

No chemical additives, no alcohol or hypochlorite, Eleclean is ultra-gentle and safe to use.

The Eleclean difference

A healthier, cleaner lifestyle

Reduce the spread of germs and bacteria without the use of any chemicals and keep your family sanitised with Eleclean, a gentle, effective, family-friendly sanitiser

One less thing to worry about

Say goodbye to those that may be harmful to the skin and body, Eleclean is safe to use on pets, infants and children.

Sanitising the smart and simple way

3 easy steps for a healthier, cleaner lifestyle

Step 1
Add activate carriers*
Step 2
Add water
Step 3
Press to activate

Water molecules and structure is rearranged and stabilised with the help of our Activated Carrier.

What does it do and how does it work?

Eleclean eliminates bacteria and viruses without the use of any chemicals.

Using nano-catalysis electrochemical technology, it transforms water into high Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) disinfectant to kill bacteria and viruses.

To produce sanitising solution with Eleclean (Eleclean Portable as an example), simply:

add tap or drinking water
press a button
wait 15 mins and it’ll be ready for use

The water-based disinfectant produced can only be stored for 72 hours (or 3 days) since there is no chemical preservatives or stabilizers added.

Is there any consumable part required?

The Activated Carrier is the only replaceable part for Eleclean products. It absorbs and adjusts the impurities of water to ensure the stability of the disinfectant.

Replacing the Activated Carrier?

Using the Personal / Portable Disinfectant Spray (15ml) as an example:

Each set (1 set = 2 sticks) of Activated Carrier can be used up to 150 times;
15ml x 150 times = around 2250ml;
15ml will generally give you around 100 sprays.

From personal to commercial sanitisation and disinfection

There's an Eleclean solution for your need.


Bring it with you, sanitise on the go.


Ideal for sharing with your family and loved ones.


Larger capacity, great for families and commercial uses.

Santising Station

Innovative solution of mass disinfection for public spaces.

Eleclean vs Traditional Sanitisers

Eleclean is uniquely different and much safer than traditional sanitising products.

Verification Reports

Tested and proven safe and effective at eliminating various pathogens.


An innovative solution with patented technologies and a touch of aesthetics