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An Overview of Our Technology

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The Eleclean family consists of products suitable for personal use (portable and convenient), household & family (larger capacity) and industrial and commercial applications (quick and mass full-body disinfection).

Eleclean Activated Carrier

Eleclean Activated Carrier acts as an electrochemical reaction catalyst between water and electricity in all Eleclean disinfectant products. It is the only consumable item for our disinfectant products.

Eleclean uses an electrochemical filter to produce highly reactive oxygen disinfectant that destroys bacteria and viruses.

Know what you spray with Eleclean


Add the required amount of tap or drinking water into your Eleclean device.



Press a button, the device will perform the ‘Electro-Oxidation’ process.


Nano-Catalysis Electrochemical Technology

During the reaction process, water molecules and structure are functionalised, rearranged and then combined into highly active oxygen water.

The electrochemical module re-combines the Hydrogen ions (H) and Oxygen ions (O) of the water into high active oxygen disinfectant, called “Reactive Oxygen Species” (ROS), which contains hydroxide radicals (⋅OH), hydrogen peroxide (⋅H2O2) and super oxygen (⋅O2).

These substances are proven to be:

  1. effective against H1N1, pathogenic bacteria, odours and toxic formaldehyde with over 90% success rate against viruses and other harmful pathogens;
  2. safe to skin and eyes, even when accidentally inhaled

Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS)

A pure water-based disinfectant solution that is odourless, tasteless, non-irritable, destroys most pathogens,

and contains no

Eleclean represents a brand new option that is safe, effective, and eco-friendly.

Common Questions Answered

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Ideas behind the technology

High reactive oxygen species as a disinfectant consists of the electrolysis of water ions that produce oxidising agents including Hydroxyl Radical (OH), Superoxide Radical (O2), and Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2). Upon contact, these highly reactive substances will destroy the protein structures that make up viruses and bacteria. This process is safe on the human body as the oxidising agents will transform back into water and oxygen molecules, which does not contain any harmful chemicals.

Yes, water is the only reagent and is directly transformed into Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) to fight against common germs in our daily life. It contains:

  • no alcohol
  • no chlorine (Cl)
  • no chemicals
  • no Ozone

Although most disinfectant products on the market are inexpensive, they are all chemical-based. They are mostly disposable, which is not only uneconomical but also harsh on the human body and the environment. The Eleclean personal and family series are user-friendly, eco-friendly and designed for long-term use.


The cell membrane of bacteria can be eliminated by sanitisers that are 75% alcohol concentrated. However, most viruses do not have any cell membranes which makes alcohol-based sanitisers ineffective.

Generally, common disinfectant products sold on the market contain chemical additives to eliminate germs and bacteria. They may also contain chemical preservatives to extend shelf life. As a result, it is not uncommon to left with chemical residue followed by side effects such as skin allergies and dermatitis, or even cancers in some rare cases.

Unlike common disinfectants, Eleclean only requires water and electricity to produce water-based disinfectant.

Without unwanted additives, preservatives and stabilisers, Eleclean’s water-based disinfectant is more gentle and safer to use.

Using Eleclean

The high reactive oxygen disinfectant can only be stored for 72 hours as there are no chemical preservatives or stabilisers added to help prolong its effectiveness. Once 72 hours has lapsed, press the [activate] button to reactivate the electro-oxidisation process.

Yes, you can pour the disinfectant out to another container and carry separately. The high reactive oxygen disinfectant will not be affected by air or light and will stay active for 72 hours.